Championship Career Is Built on Family and Balanced Lifestyle

For our pHin athlete ambassador Haley Anderson, family support and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle are keys to her success. Those dynamics began at an early age for Haley, guiding her throughout her life and championship career.

Haley’s parents had a major influence on her and her sisters in being active. “They basically kicked us outside and said to come back when the street lights came on,” said Haley. 

Her parents also allowed them to find their passion. Swimming started young, of course, but they tried every sport from track and cross country to ice skating. “They didn’t force us into swimming, but let us find our own motivation, so we did it because we wanted to.” That nurturing environment encouraged the Anderson kids to lead an active lifestyle right from the beginning and progress into becoming elite athletes.

Haley also regards her older sister as a guiding light. Growing up, they did everything together. Haley watched and tried to follow along, like any young girl trying to be like her big sister. In particular, she gives a nod to her sister as a role model for setting goals, what it takes to attain them, and how to reach higher than she thought she could. At the same time, big sister helped Haley learn how to maintain a happy and balanced lifestyle. Despite her strict training regime, Hayley recognizes the need to recharge. “Relaxing is huge for me from all the stress and pressure of swimming, so it’s just nice to take a step back and get away.”

Haley’s advice for kids today? 

“Have fun with what you’re doing. If I wasn’t still having fun, I wouldn’t still be swimming. It’s been 20 years. I don’t have fun every single day and at every single practice, but I see the bigger picture. I’ve always had fun racing and being with teammates. Just find whatever motivates you, whether it’s someone in the next lane or being part of a team.


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